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His eyes had the look meant to be looked at.
Whatever that means.
It’s indescribable to me.
His mouth - it played words that danced to the sound of his lies.
His lips gently rolled against mine, with angst, tenure, yet exuded a constant delicate, velvety poise.
He wanted to touch me - feel my skin against his.
But I was tentative,
for I knew he was fire,
and I could get burned.
Those marks have healed but remind me of his demons I always played along with.
His ways must surrender to my will, everything I long for.
In the meantime, I’ll never get enough of him as I revel in his dark allures.

— 8 hours ago

I don’t want you to become a memory.
I don’t want the thoughts of us to collect dust.
I had hoped we’d never end up this way. I wish no words were left unspoken.
And I think of you every time it rains, well, because I try to wash away the thought of you turning into a memory.
Please stay.
Stay as long as you’d like.
I’d like if you remain anything but a memory.

— 2 days ago

It just dawned on me, maybe I can’t work in-house; I like too many things and helping different people.

— 2 days ago
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